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Thank you so much for watching my interview with Thorny Bleeder’s Brian Thompson on The Music Biz Weekly. I truly hope you found some value in my discussion with Brian about copyright for musicians.

As a way to say thanks for watching the interview and visiting iangibson.com, I’ve put together a free download for you. It is a quick guide for independent musicians called “HOW COPYRIGHT LAW GETS MUSICIANS PAID.”

  • Do you know the difference with licensing fees and royalties?
  • Ever been confused about how royalties really work and whether you are getting your fair share? 
  • Interested in releasing a cover song on your next record but unsure how mechanical royalties and compulsory licenses work?

This guide will shed light on all of the above and more.

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  1. Hey Ian, I just listened to your interview on music biz weekly, thank you so much for the rundown on copyright, I especially enjoyed it and needed it. I am a musician and an electronic musician from Canada, and I just opened up a music xray account and was thinking, what would i do if someone wants to use my song? etc. So now you definately steered me in the right direction. Looking forward to joining your email list and hopefully be able to use your products, services sooner than later. Thanks Again, Rock On

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