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The adoring crowd of Hogni by Sebastian Anthony, CC Attribution-NoDerivs License

The adoring crowd of Hogni by Sebastian Anthony, CC Attribution-NoDerivs License

Agreeing on a band name can be painfully difficult.

Growing up in a series of bands with close friends — who seemed to agree on virtually everything else — I was shocked by how long it would take us to see eye to eye on a name. Once we settled on a name, we would scramble to see if it was available only to find that someone beat us to the punch. Crushed, we would start the process all over again.

Can you relate?

We all put so much effort into crafting the perfect band name because we understood the importance of this element of our branding. Having a memorable name that expresses something about your group is a critical step toward building a following and a lasting career.

Unfortunately, though, some groups run into trouble. If you discovered another band starting using your name, what would you do?  Would you dig in your heels and fight or abandon the name you love?

If you are anything like me, you would do whatever you could to stop them. After all, isn’t your band name — that name you worked so hard to find — worth fighting for?

Imagine the consequences if you don’t: the fans you’ve made through touring and selling records will be totally confused and potentially lost if this copycat grows in popularity, leaving you back at square one. This is a problem that needs to be addressed and a trademark registration is one of the most powerful tools you can have to resolve the issue.


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