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Copyright Symbol Ian GibsonStatutory damages for copyright infringement is a concept that frequently comes up when discussing the benefits of copyright registration or potential recovery in a copyright infringement lawsuit.  It can be a bit confusing to those that are unfamiliar with the term.  However, like most things in the law, you can figure out what a term means by breaking it down into smaller parts.

“Statutory” means something that is required, permitted, or enacted by statute.  Essentially, this term describes any written law.  “Damages” refers to monetary compensation awarded in a civil action — in other words, money won in a lawsuit.  Statutory damages, thus, refers to any monetary awards won pursuant to a statute.

In the copyright infringement context, statutory damages flow from a written law — namely, 17 USC § 504.  This code section provides for the recovery of a range of monetary awards under certain conditions.  Standard, run-of-the-mill copyright infringement statutory damages range between Continue Reading…