Caution by Michael Theis, CC Attribution-NoDerivs License

Caution by Michael Theis, CC Attribution-NoDerivs License

What Every Creative Entrepreneur Needs to Know About Trademark Registration

It’s a sad but all too common story.

A local small business owner who failed to go through the trademark registration process receives a cease and desist letter from an out-of-state company they’ve never heard of demanding that they immediately stop using a trademarked word/logo or face an expensive federal lawsuit.

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Supercharged by The 359, CC Attribution-Share Alike License

Supercharged by The 359, CC Attribution-Share Alike License

If you are anything like me, odds are that you turn to Google several times a day to fact check anything and everything.

Similarly, we turn to the all-knowing Internet to research products and services before we buy. Recent statistics indicate that almost five billion (that’s a whopping nine zeroes) Google searches are executed per DAY — an incredible stat, but what does this have to do with my business? And how can I dramatically improve my SEO with trademarks? Continue Reading…

Hello My Name Is Success by, CC Attribution-NoDerivs License

Hello My Name Is Success by, CC Attribution-NoDerivs License

How to Name Your Business

Stop. Don’t spend anymore time and money developing business name ideas or even building your existing company until you have deeply considered whether your brand is trademarkable.

Naming your business is a real challenge. Even if you think you struck gold with a catchy name and an available .com, your work has only just begun.

The sad reality is that many business names are simply not protectable under trademark law. If a business name is not protectable, any competitor could conceivably set up shop under the same brand. Imagine how confused your customers would be if another company with a nearly identical name as yours opened for business down the street. It’s a potential disaster that could and should be avoided.

A basic tenet of branding is the importance of crafting a name that sets you apart. Ideally, this is a unique identity that instantly gives your customers a feeling about your brand and clearly identifies your business as the source of certain goods or services. No matter where you are in the branding process, it’s important to ask: how protectable is your brand name?

What’s in a Brand Name?

Above all else, the best brand name strategy is Continue Reading…

Rutgers master’s degree candidates, Tom Engelhardt and Shaun Ellis, tapped into Billboard’s record sales database of over 4,200 popular songs and examined compositional data points of these hits (including: tempo, key, loudness, and danceability, among others) in search of correlations between this compositional elements and record sales performance. The scholars’ purpose: to derive the formula of a hit song. In fact, the results appear to mirror the sounds of many popular radio stations here in the Los Angeles area. For example, their findings indicate hits songs are usually Continue Reading…