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I have mixed feelings about a brutal piece recently written by Mat Gleason for the HuffPo entitled Ten Most Overrated Los Angeles Art World Stars.  What bothered me most was that Gleason took his critical tongue beyond the art and directs his attacks on a personal level.  Being overrated (or underrated, for that matter) is not within the control of the artist.  Their level of success and presence in the public space is often shaped by the words of critics like Gleason.

Ultimately, though, I am pleased to see that the art at issue is causing a conversation – albeit a scathing one-sided bashing.  To me, creating a thought provoking debate is as great of a success as any artist could hope for.  That being said, I would much rather see an article covering the 10 Most Underrated Artists in Los Angeles.

What Motivates Us?

A captivating animation of Dan Pink’s discussion of motivation in which he explains why money alone is not a sufficient motivator for more cerebral. as opposed to manual, tasks.  While Pink fails to include artists in his discussion – relying instead upon highly skilled/educated programmers and the like - I believe artists clearly fall into this category.  This explains why so many creatives remain true to their art even in the face of financial ruin.  Therefore, money alone is insufficient to drive an artist for any extended period of time; a greater purpose of some sort must exist to truly motivate a creative.

What’s your motivator?

Too often creative-minded people focus 100% of their attention on their craft and forget to safeguard themselves from crippling legal and business issues that prevent financial success. This site is designed to provide artists of all mediums (authors, musicians, filmmakers, photographers, etc.) with critical legal knowledge and business concepts to further their creative careers by protecting both their work and themselves from potential legal pitfalls and business failures.

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